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Discussing What's Next in Food & Beverage, Bite for Byte from The Automat

What is the best way to feed a growing society? That's a question as old as time and the possible answers are always changing. Welcome to The Automat's Bite for Byte blog. We wanted a way to share some exciting innovations that are trying to impact the (not always great) relationships between communities, businesses and the ways they produce, distribute, sell and consume food and beverage.

With a blog of this nature we can't know the ultimate destination but by shining a spotlight on the changes happening within the food and beverage ecosystems we currently have, the path will be clearer towards creating solutions required to build the food and beverage ecosystems we need.

Today, there are a growing number of people and companies working to create such solutions and they span multiple industries including agriculture, software, crowdfunding, app development, sustainability, machine learning, clean energy, manufacturing, automation machinery (like The Automat) and so many more. There is truly an explosion in opportunities to rapidly transform food and beverage industries for the better. The Automat's Bite for Byte looks forward to providing a space to discuss and encourage that transformation!

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